Monday, December 28, 2009


If during this day or any other day of my good life with love, I receive bad or sad news, then first at all I will breathe deeply and I will think at once: " I will overcome, the Power that has created me has put inside me a top, special force, which was in rest simply waiting moments as these to go out to act. I admit that the received news is not agreeable at all, but I must be conscious of there might always be something worse than what I am perceiving. I will not leave that the anxiety dominates me, I will have calmness and rather I will help and give support in the possible to others who share my sadness and I will invite them to do what now I am doing: to continue forward with acceptance of the events that I cannot control, and give the best thing in those that I really can have action. "

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Good humor

In my good life with love, the reasoning, the happiness and the good humor will be today my good partners. Although if I believes that the adversity glides against me, these partners will be my strong shield and I will triumph over any possible mistake or bad intention.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009


In my good life with love I always have ahead some target to realize during the day that newly it begins.
I will take full conscience of it and I will feel myself with full confidence and will to obtain this goal that I have projected, it does not import how much difficult it seems to be. And if it  seems to be easy, I will have prudence in not falling down in the excess of confidence. The serene, sure and firm step will be my complementary tool. I will go forward, I will not slacken and it is my decision to arrive to the end proposed to fulfill better my good life with love.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

I will put attention

In this good life with love that now I have, I will put a lot of attention to every event that I receive, to every topic that today I know for the first time and to the innovations about what I have already known previously and by this way I will be able to retain with a lot of facility all the learned. My attention will be fully concentrated on the matters that will be present to me and I will not lose any detail. I will keep in me all the new experiences and I will always make use of them, having them present in my good life with love.

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