Sunday, June 20, 2010


In my good life with love, I will take my food moderately. I will never abuse neither the flours, nor the sweets, nor the fats, nor the meats. Very occasionally, a bit of all that might not cause to me damage, but especially I will consume every day fruits, vegetables and a bit of cereals, in natural state that they will satisfy me and they will not hurt me. I will drink eight glasses of water distributed throughout the day. The obesity is not a good partner and I will avoid to come to it. And if I already possess it, I will control my nutritive habits as I exhibited previously to get rid of it. If I find  difficulties, I will come to the medical advice.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


In my good life with love I will be in very good disposition to listen to foreign opinions that will drive me to solve this matter that I have in my hands. Valuing with serenity the favorable and unfavorable opinions, and making use of my good judgment, I will be able to take the most guessed right decision. Also I will be attentive and will listen with pleasure when another person requests me that listen to him/her, and I will give him/her my point of view, if he/she requests it.

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